"Lady Diamond"

Non-Player Character

The personification of carbon calls herself "Lady Diamond" and looks like a tall, slender young black woman with quite dark skin and jet-black eyes. She habitually dresses in pure white, sheath-like garments, with a lot of white diamond jewlery – whether or not this would normally be appropriate to the surroundings. Her demeanor is usually calmly confident. She is a tad regal to other elements (save Hydrogen and Helium, to whom she is deferential) and assumes the cooperation of any Courtiers, but is courteous to all. She really dislikes the deBeers cartel and has firm views about global warming and environmentalism generally, feeling ill-used about these things, but is generally happy playing a powerful Lady Bountiful. She uses a queen of diamonds playing card as a sigil and, if she has occasion to leave notes, writes them on the back of one, blank except for a pale gray diamond lozenge.

Colors: scarlet, turquoise-blue, indigo-blue.
Valence: 4.

Usual entanglements:

Veterinarian: 95% — Medicine and surgery for all species, Lifesense, Gift of Healing. Sign: Usually has a small animal with her.

Chef: 85% — Cooking in French, Italian, and African cuisines, creation of magic potions in the form of food, particularly psi-charging elixirs. Can eat and recharge psi thereby, unusual in an Elemental Knight. Sign: Often comments on food quality or talks recipes with companions; often provides "comfort food" in stressful situations.

Chemist: 75% — Expert in polymer chemsitry. Able to analyze composition of objects psychometrically, for 1 psi pt. Sign: Carries a clear plastic handbag.

25-year-old black woman, appears 70 kg (154 lbs), 160 cm (6'), strength 72 kg (160 lbs)

Languages: Seswana, Swahili, English, Italian, French, Dutch, Arabic.

Effort Pts: 10__________________________________________
x1= 10   x2= 20   x3= 30   x4= 40   x5= 50

Focus Pts: 20__________________________________________
x1= 20   x2= 40   x3= 60   x4= 80   x5= 100

Psi Pts: 20 __________________________________________
x1= 20   x2= 40   x3= 60   x4= 80   x5= 100