Elemental Knight (NPC)

Non-Player Character

The former Astatine, he went rogue back at the beginning of time, but repented quickly and returned to the Periodic Table. He had already been replaced, but was given a new name and a new function: he is the general assistant to all the other Knights.

No one ever said the reinstatement was a demotion, but Catalyst is consistently humble, in a cheerful way, and has no regard for his own dignity, so some elements condescend to him. (Lady Diamond does not, though; she may act aristocratic to him, but she does to everyone in the Table except Hydrogen and Helium.)

He has only been on Earth a couple of years, like Neon (and, in fact, brought Neon, his Foresight making him precognizant of the Breakdown), but he has been working hard, resonnating the place. He has not bothered building up a human personna, but he could do so at the drop of a hat, if need be. He views humans with a sympathy touched with pity; he has been where we, collectively, are at.

Color: violet
Valence: 5.

Usual entanglements:

The Bag contains:

The motorcycle is a silent, electric one, unreasonably tough and fast thanks to Mad Science, but looking like a big, beat-up nothing-special cycle.

Resource Transfer: (no roll) — One very direct way Catalyst helps others is by transfering some of his Psi, Focus, or Effort points to them – including Courtiers, who cannot normally take part in such things. He can also accept resources from those who offer them, including Courtiers; in fact, he could take them by force, but only does so in emergencies. Like a Courtier, he has no upper limit of psi point storage. Since he is called on to give so much and has no element of his own to recharge from, he can renew himself by dreaming and eating – very rare among the Knights. He also recharges by preparing food, 10 psi per meal; he especially likes making bread.
Sign: Can be seen sleeping and eating like a normal human being.

Gift of Tongues: (no roll) — Catalyst can talk with anyone. No cost.
Sign: Always speaks to you in your language and accent.

Foresight: 99% — Without explicitly knowing the future, Catalyst is almost always prepared, as much as he can be, to meet it. He "just happens" to have been reading up on whatever information is needed, or to be carrying whatever equipment is required. If he offers you something that seems irrelevant, just as you head off on your mission, take it, even if it's only a piece of hackneyed advice ("Keep your head down!").
Sign: Carries a big khaki canvas satchel, his Bag of Useful Things.

Mr. Fixit: 85% — Catalyst has mechanical and medical skills to let him fix any ordinary damage or wounds, plus Knack of Tools (1 psi), Gift of Repair (variable cost), and Gift of Healing (variable cost) to take care of the extraordinary. He usually has the necessary equipment in his Bag of Useful Things, but if not, he can use a touch of Mad Science (3 psi + 3 focus) to stretch things implausibly far.
Sign: Often wears toolbelt.

Errand-Runner: 85% — Being useful often means running errands, delivery messages, fetching things, and the like. To this end, and on top of his native powers, Catalyst can drive any motor vehicle, pilot aircraft and boats, ride animals and bicycles, climb, swim, sneak, and hide. To assist in finding his goal, this trait also include Dowsing (1 psi).
Sign: Generally has his motorcycle to hand

40-something weather-beaten Polynesian man, appears 90 kg (200 lbs), 160 cm (6'), strength 270 kg (600 lbs)

Languages: all of them

Effort Pts: 30__________________________________________
x1= 30   x2= 60   x3= 90   x4= 120   x5= 150

Focus Pts: 30__________________________________________
x1= 30   x2= 60   x3= 90   x4= 120   x5= 150

Psi Pts: 30 __________________________________________
x1= 30   x2= 60   x3= 90   x4= 120   x5= 150