Mabel Anson
British Dog Breeder and Lady of Order

played by Ann Broomhead, written by Earl Wajenberg and Ann Broomhead

Mabel has liked dogs since canines first appeared in the early Cenozoic era, and has been canine several times herself. She still retains canine senses of hearing and smell. Like most Courtiers, she has had many careers in the human millenia, but she is most frequently a breeder and trainer of dogs. She has strong opinions on these subjects, and despises any breeding practices that impair a dog's physical or mental health.

Mabel has created several breeds herself, three of which still exist, though only in the possession of Mabel and a few favored clients. To outsiders, they would appear to be just healthy, intelligent mongrels. Twice, she has created whole new canine species. (These speciations occasioned polite inspection visits from minor angels sent by the Powers. Mabel has been careful to keep these new species out of general circulation.) To the public, she is a breeder of various setters and terriers.

Mabel has spent the last 2500 years in Europe, mostly. The last 300 have been in Britain. She has never engaged in national politics, but she is generally active, in a "pillar of the community" way, at the local level. She is an active member of the British Dog Breeder's Association, the British Dog Fancy, the Women's Institute at the local Church of England, the Totleigh Hunt, the local Chamber of Commerce, and the school board. She lives in a low, rambling house with extensive kennels, in Totleigh, Barsetshire, England, where she is regarded as the heir and "spinster neice" of "Hilda Anson," who was her own previous identity.

Mabel appears as a stocky, middle-aged woman, left-handed, with dark hair, grey eyes, and bony features. She usually wears the practical, tweedy clothes associated with staidly prosperous Britons.

Dog breeder: 90% — Mabel loves each dog on its own terms; every dog is her favorite dog. In return, they love her. This mutual love transfers over to other animals, although it is less for others. (-10% for cats, horses, and sheep, -20% for other domestic animals)

Her aptitude with dogs has led her to create two canid species, and three breeds of dogs. They look like mongrels, but of different sizes. Mabel can also perform first aid on dogs with impressive results. She is a bit less effective with other common animals and is at -10% for humans.

N.B.: Mabel retains canine acuity of hearing and smell, even when in her usual human form.

Sign: She usually is sprinkled with dog hair, has dog toys and snacks in her pockets, and may have a dog on a leash with her.

Sportswoman: 70% — She is an expert horsewoman, although the only hunts she rides in are drag hunts. She can shoot, and is comfortable with rifle, carbine, revolver, pistol, longbow, broadsword, foil, and saber. She recognizes many forms of snares and traps.
Sign: She often tells anecdotes of hunts, or of tracking down poachers.

European history: 40% — She has drifted in and out of the European peninsula for tens of millennia. She is familiar with an amazing amount of the geography of the continent; she walked over it enough. She last entered Europe a century before the rise of Greece, coming in from the Middle East and across the Bosporus. She settled into Barsetshire, England shortly after the Charles Problem was settled.
Sign: She is a pleasant dinner companion, and, after a few thousand years of swapping anecdotes, she has a vast repertoire of stories that describe the social and event-driven history of Europe.

40-something white woman, 75 kg (165 lbs), 143 cm (5'4"), strength 80 kg (180 lbs)

Languages: English, French, German. (Rusty languages: Spanish, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Latin, Greek, Gaelic, Saxon, Norse.)

Effort Pts: 10__________________________________________
x1= 10   x2= 20   x3= 30   x4= 40   x5= 50

Focus Pts: 17 __________________________________________
x1= 17   x2= 34   x3= 51   x4= 68   x5= 85

Psi Pts: 3 __________________________________________
x1= 3   x2= 6   x3= 9   x4= 12   x5= 15