"Claude Neon," Elemental Knight and Hollywood Lighting Technician

played by Tim Lasko, written by Earl Wajenberg

Neon is new to Earth, but he did tune in well on the local culture, as his Vibe shows. Think about the kind of places neon shows up on Earth.

Neon appears as a skinny, hyperactive young man with flaming red hair and startling green eyes. Unlike most other Knights, Neon has assumed a role in human society as a lightning technician in various big studios and is in danger of becoming famous in show business, which would be inconvenient. But he is enjoying Earth a lot.

Colors: red.
Valence: 1 (by courtesy; 1 psi pt / use).
Usual entanglements:

Fame: 40% — It's as if Neon has read everything published about anyone famous; he hasn't, of course; he just knows. To get on his radar, you have to be known to at least 10,000 people who have never met you or corresponded with you. He only knows public facts about the famous.

Neon can recharge psi quickly by handling celebrity artifacts such as an autographed photo; each artifact is only good for recharging once a day.

Sign: Owns a collection of autograph books and autographed pictures and often carries some (to "snack" on for psi).

Lighting: 40% — Neon not only knows his way around a stage light-board, he knows how to use light and color (in make-up and clothing as well as in illumination) to make people look beautiful, impressive, approachable, weary, etc. If celebrities have favorite colors for dress or backgrounds, he knows what they are. He is much in demand for designing light-shows, where he gets amazing results with helium-neon lasers.
Sign: Often opens or closes curtains or turns lights on and off to improve lighting, when entering a room.

Lasering: 80% — Neon always has a number of lasers about, in a wide variety of types (though mostly helium-neon), which he produces, maintains, and repairs with uncanny facility. Besides the obvious offensive uses of a laser, he can use them in a variety of tricks, Mad-Science-wise, including:

And so on.

Neon's usual entangled object is his Swiss Army Laser, an invention of his own, about the size of a standard pocket calculator. The Swiss Army Laser can do any three of the above tricks at any given time. To switch the set of tricks it can do, Neon needs to take a bit of time out and do some Mad Science on it to re-configure it. In a suitable workshop, he needs only one Mad Science roll. Elsewhere, he needs a second Mad Science roll and some sort of makeshift tools. ("May I borrow your compact and those cuticle scissors? Thanks.")

The exception to the above is the welding/engraving/cutting stuff. The Swiss Army Laser just doesn't have that much punch. It can do 12 seconds worth of that stuff, if we're really talking "soldering" rather than "welding" – light work. Or it can deliver one laser-gun shot worth 2d6; then it needs to be recharged. That's if it's configured for such tricks, at the time, at all.

Sign: Often carries his Swiss Army Laser

Glamour: 40% — Neon can cast temporary or permanent visual illusions at 3 pts per use, all up and down the electromagnetic spectrum, including dazzling flares. He cannot, however, muster enough power to damage or burn, and he cannot do acoustic glamour.
Sign: Always looks freshly groomed.

20-something caucasian man, 65 kgs (140 lbs) (apparently), 154 cm (5' 10"), strength 140 kgs (310 lbs)

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese

Effort Pts: 8__________________________________________
x1= 8   x2= 16   x3= 24   x4= 32   x5= 40

Focus Pts: 10__________________________________________
x1= 10  x2= 20   x3= 30   x4= 40   x5= 50

Psi Pts: 12 __________________________________________
x1= 12  x2= 24   x3= 36   x4= 48