Pages of the Courts
and Other Spiracula

Just as zotielim are minor angels, there are minor sub-angelic spirits, the spiracula (sing. spiraculum). Some have taken service with the Courts of Order or Chaos and are thus Pages of Order or Pages of Chaos.

Pages and other spiracula are Courtiers minus. They can feel blockages, but they cannot unblock them or tell which side they are on (like Courtiers) or get bearings on them (like Knights). They have no native ability to change shape, only switch back and forth between their native form and whatever manifestation(s) they have been given. Like Courtiers, they gain a psi point per day, with no upper limit. Like Courtiers, they can perceive any sort of reality.

They can be just as old and smart and varied; there are just some special Courtier tricks they lack. Thus their magical powers and other special effects can be just as powerful as Courtiers'; a Page or other spiraculum could therefore have shapeshifting as an acquired skill, even though it is not a built-in power.

Pages may run errands for Courtiers, and some of the more obnoxious Courtiers seem to think that's all they're for. But they may have other duties and other masters, or be independent agents of their Court. Pages can also change their alignments among Order, Chaos, or leave, going back to being independent spiracula.

The metaphysical appearance of an Order Page is a perfectly round iridescent sphere, like a bubble; that of a Chaos Page is iridescent and amoeboid. But these appearances are fashion statements, to declare alignment, not intrinsic. So deception is possible. Their native appearance may be any of several small luminous things — a flame, a spark, a sparkle, a patch of shining mist. They may revert to this appearance when "off duty." (Courtiers identify individual Pages and each other by a perception more like presence-level telepathy than by appearance.)

Pages sign on with one Court or the other in return for work in the physical realm (which many find interesting), manifestations, and other considerations, not least involvement with a principle they find attractive.

Earth's Courtiers rely on three "insertion teams" of Pages and non-Page spiracula, to help them establish human identities:

Pavo (neutral)
Suhail (neutral, Order-allied)
Meliadus (Chaos)

Brehus (Order)
Pharamond (neutral)
Heldris (Chaos)

Eltanin (neutral)
Camaralzaman (neutral, Chaos-allied)
Badoura (Order)