Lady of Chaos, Horticulturist, and Topiary

played by Louise Aitel, written by Earl Wajenberg

Rosamund loves nothing better than a beautiful, healthy garden. It makes perfect sense to her that the Abrahamic religions teach humans they began as gardeners and should have gone on that way. And since she knows in her bones (or her heartwood, or her chakras) that good gardens require the interplay of the vigor of Chaos and the craft of Order, she is an oak-solid Collaborationist when it comes to Court politics. Thus she is equally disgusted with the Eight High Lords of Order and the Inside Gang of Chaos.

When she isn't being bothered with this Breakdown nonsense, she's tending her gardens as well as other people's. Her own gardens are beauty-spots tucked away in wilderness areas all over the world where humans are unlikely to run across them. Should a human wander in, they would be struck by the beauty but think it was purely natural.

But Rosamund appreciates the cultivated style of garden, too, and maintains cover identities around the world so she can participate in various botanical societies and conservatories as a volunteer. She is often sought as a guest lecturer. She has several post-office box addresses, but no actual home other than several public parks near the post offices.

Phytomorphosis: 60% Long before the Breakdown, when things were more leisurely and it was easy to build up the necessary power, Rosamund crafted a manifestation for herself, a plant-person shape. With a single Psi point, she can tweak it to look perfectly human, or like a large bush or a patch of herbage. As a side-benefit, she can hide in remarkably scant vegetation. Mass is conserved, though, and changes take a full minute unless she also spends a Focus point. She has one consistent human form, though she can tweak it to present different costumes. Sign: Any physical exam would give very surprising results. Bones of wood. Sap in the veins. Pulse? What pulse? Temperature: ambient; her handshake is a little clammy.

Plant-key: 60% This combines the FuRPiG Fleshkey and Life Sense skills, but specialized for plants. Can also apply to animals and other forms of life at -20%.

Life-sense: Psychically detect presence, state of health, pain, species, point in life cycle, individual identity, state of consciousness, emotional state, state of sanity, and resource point levels. Either take one minute and pay nothing for the information or pay one Psi or Focus point for immediate results.

Fleshkey: heal, harm (by shock), stun, sleep, or rouse at one Psi pt each. Sculpt living things (conserving mass) at the same scale of cost as transformations for Courtiers. Takes a day per 10 kg of mass changed, unless you speed it up with Effort or Psi pts. Requires physical contact.

Sign: Markedly healthy plants anywhere she's stayed for more than a few days. Often carries gardening paraphernalia.

Horticulture (& Botany): 80% Rosamund is an expert on all things plant-related, especially gardens (-10% for non-garden botany). Sign: Looks at plants, or looks around for plants, first thing on arrival in any location, and often comments on their state. Often carries gardening paraphernalia.

30-something Polynesian woman (when not vegetation), 75 kg (165 lbs), 150 cm (5'6'), strength 300 kg (600 lbs)

Languages: English, French, Japanese, Hawaiian

Effort Pts: 10__________________________________________
x1= 10 x2= 20 x3= 30 x4= 40 x5= 50

Focus Pts: 10__________________________________________
x1= 20 x2= 40 x3= 60 x4= 80 x5= 100

Psi Pts: 10 ___________________________________________
x1= 20 x2= 40 x3= 60 x4= 80 x5= 100