Captain Steven Barron
Airline Pilot (NPC)

Non-Player Character

Steve is an airliner pilot, ex-USAF, a bachelor living in Ames, Iowa, with parents and other family in Kansas. When the PCs decided they needed their own jet to move around the world, tackling anomalies, they also realized they needed a pilot. Scouting the web, they found he fit the bill and had just been laid off. They approached him and hired him at a curious job interview that left him believing he was working for the CIA at one or two removes. If only it were that simple.

Steve's natural disposition is cheerful, extrovert, and active (ESTP in the Myers-Briggs system). He was a captain in the USAF as well as having that title when flying a corporate jet. He is intelligent and resilient enough to have a reasonable chance of rolling with the punches as the weirdness unfolds around him.

Airline Pilot: 95% — Knows how to fly commercial jets and prop planes (but not helicopters). Knows how to fly some fighter jets (rusty: -20%). This includes knowing how to use communications and safety equipment, meteorology, and navigation by sky and map. It also includes familiarity with most major US airports, some major airports in Mexico, Canada, and the Carribean, and many minor airports in the Midwest.
Sign: Uniform, flight bag, a litter of aircraft books and models around his apartment.

Security: 80% — Good shot with revolver or rifle. Knows how to brawl and restrain (but -20%). But mainly knows the security procedures, paperwork, and legalities for moving in and out of airports and airspaces, including the rights and authorities of sky-marshals, and including international flight procedures (though mainly to Canada and Mexico) and basic tourism and trade legalities.
Sign: Owns military-issue revolver. Flight bag contains North American contact list for US embassies and consulates.

Aircraft Mechanic: 75% — Can diagnose and repair mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic damage to the aircraft he flies. -10% for cars, household wiring, and other mundane machinery. -20% for helicopters and other unfamiliar aircraft. Under this trait, he is also comfortable with computers and other data gadgets, as a sophisticated user. He knows basic physical science. None of this will help him much as the Mad Science starts to unfold, though, except to heighten his appreciation of just how insane it really is.
Sign: Owns big tool collection. Will want to make sure any craft he flies has adequate tool kit.

40-ish white American man, short dark hair, 90 kg (200 lbs), 160 cm (6'), strength 115 kg (250 lbs)

Languages: English, Spanish (rusty)

Effort Pts: 10__________________________________________
x1= 10   x2= 20   x3= 30   x4= 40   x5= 50

Focus Pts: 10__________________________________________
x1= 10   x2= 20   x3= 30   x4= 40   x5= 50

Psi Pts: 10 __________________________________________
x1= 10   x2= 20   x3= 30   x4= 40   x5= 50