One of your recent mathematical interests is a class of numbers you have named "Fibonacci Tower Primes." These are large prime Fibonacci numbers of the form ((p1p2)p3) + p4+1, where p1 to p4 are themselves prime numbers. You have been trying to find ways of generating series of them, finding how many of them exist below a given limit, seeing where they fall on the Ulem and Sacks prime-number spirals, and so forth.

The first such number you found was (713)11+97+1. (Go ahead, Susan, prove it isn't a prime and a Fibonacci number.) This is about 7.06349 x 10120 and therefore on the high side of a googol.

It seems to be ... hanging around. You use random numbers a lot, between cryptography and various forms of casting lots in numerology. You have noticed the numbers, 120, and showing up abnormally often.

You tried changing bases. It went away for a couple of days, then came back in the new base.

You tried deliberately looking for other sequences, in case it was a psychological effect. It wasn't.

And the Golden Ratio, phi, 1.618..., has been showing up a lot, too. The ratio of two consecutive Fibonacci numbers approximates the Golden Ratio, of course, and the larger the numbers, the closer.

You wonder what the heck is going on and if it has anything to do with the Breakdown.

Yes, it does. The turmoil of the breakdown plus her own number-magic has attracted the attention of an extremely remote and alien spirit, the tutelary or personification of this Fibonacci prime.

What can a number spirit do? Well, numerology magic, for a start. Probably little else without the help of someone to give it a manifestation.