Example Miracles


Character traits:
   0 — involves a theme trait
   3 — involves a trait, but not a themed one
   7 — doesn't involve any trait

Workability level:
   0 — could be done manually by yourself
   N — could be done manually by N people
   3 — could be done with unpowered tools
   5 — could be done with powered tools or high tech
   7 — theoretically impossible to quantum-relativistic science

   0 — target is yourself
   1 — target is in sense-shot
   3 — target is in media contact
   5 — target is somewhere in the world
  10 — target is in another world or time

   0 — familiar with (e.g. a dog; you've met them many times)
   3 — encountered (e.g. a giraffe; you've seen them in person a few times)
   5 — acquainted with (e.g. a platypus; you've seen pictures & know a few things)
   7 — aware of (e.g. a griffin or tyrannosaur; you barely know more than what it is)
  10 — novel (you're making this up)

Permanence (of an on-going miraculous situation):
   0 — while in use
   N — N days
  10 — permanently (also costs 1 reality point)

(The examples assume the character is performing a miracle unrelated to their traits, so "char" (character traits cost) is always 7. If the miracle related to a normal character trait, "char" would go down to 3. If the miracle related to a magical theme of the character's, "char" would go down to 0.)


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