Known Cabals

Each Cabal (Anti-Order) has its own goal – usually world domination through a favored nation or ideology – and some "edge" they regard as their special secret advantage, which is, in fact, the main channel through which they are steered by Hell. Very few Cabals believe they are in the employ of evil spirits.

Cabal: der Ahnenerbe ("the Heritage")

Domain: Germany
Director: der Erbe ("the Heir")
Goal: world domination by Aryan leaders produced through eugenics
Occultism: racial spirit
Notes: Very new, dating back only to the 1930s.

Cabal: los Amos del Sur ("the Masters of the South")

Domain: the Hispanic world
Director: el Amo Magnafico
Goal: world domination by economic and political manipulation
Occultism: voudun-like mind-sorceries

Cabal: the Bavarian Illuminati

Domain: Europe
Director: the High Luminary
Goal: world domination through political infiltration
Occultism: mesmeric powers and guidance from the World Soul

Cabal: the Committee for Psycho-Physical Unity

Domain: Russia
Director: the Committee Chairman
Goal: absorption of humanity into a race-mind
Occultism: parapsychology
Notes: This Cabal was initially part of the Soviet government, acting as its sunder-guard, but soon became a Cabal as well. It "disbanded" and went wholly underground at the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Cabal: the Court of the Tsar-Patriarch (extinct)

Domain: Russia
Director: the Tsar-Patriarch
Goal: absolute rule over an "ideal" (rigidly Orthodox and class-structured) Russian Empire
Occultism: divine mandate
Notes: This Cabal was the pre-Soviet Russian Cabal, exterminated by the Committee for Psycho-Physical Unity.

Cabal: the Dalmanutha Sanhedrin

Domain: Jewry
Director: the High Priest
Goal: world domination through a Jewish elite
Occultism: divine mandate
Notes: It would be reasonable for this Cabal to believe itself an Order, but there is no indication that it does.

Cabal: the Hashashin

Domain: Arabia
Director: the Old Man of the Mountain
Goal: world domination through the Umma
Occultism: divine mandate

Cabal: the Tech Barons

Domain: the United States of America
Director: the Chairman
Goal: world domination of a capitalist, libertarian, materialist ideology
Occultism: weird science

Cabal: the National Institute for Co-ordinate Experimentation (the N.I.C.E.) (extinct)

Domain: Britain
Director: the Deputy Director
Goal: world domination by bureaucratic technocracy
Occultism: guidance by "macrobes" (super-intelligent energy beings)
Notes: There is no known replacement for N.I.C.E. as British Cabal. Not yet.

Orders: the Nine Inauspicious Orders (not their own name for themselves)

Domain: China
Directors: various
Goals: control of China and the increase of its power
Occultisms: various, e.g. ghost-worship of founders, or Daoist alchemy and numerology
Notes: The Inauspicious Orders are essentially competitive with each other, but occasionally ally against common foes.

Cabal: the Obsidian Mirror (extinct)

Domain: Central America
Director: the Sun's Shadow
Goal: continental domination by religious terrorism
Occultism: favor and guidance of the sun god

Cabal: the Order of the Dragon

Domain: the Balkans
Director: the Dracul
Goal: a Balkan utopia, Orthodox, royalist, and feudal
Occultism: divine mandate
Notes: This Cabal believes itself to be an Order, and is a "fallen" former Order.

Cabal: the Perfected Catholic Church

Domain: the Catholic Church
Director: the Sapientissimus
Goal: world domination through the Catholic Church
Occultism: gnostic ceremonial magic

Cabal: P'o-lu

Domain: Indo-china and Oceania
Director: the Headless Emperor
Goal: world domination through control of the Pacific Rim nations
Occultism: alliance with giant abyssal polyps
Notes: This is one of the oldest Cabals, dating back to Arthurian times, when it had a long-distance occult show-down with Logres and was worsted.

Cabal: l'Armée du Soleil ("the Army of the Sun")

Domain: France
Directors: the Solar Dauphin
Goal: world domination through a France ruled by a Bourbon
Occultism: blood and mandate of a sun god
Notes: This Cabal cooperated with the N.I.C.E. in obtaining Alcasan's head; their motives for cooperation are not known.

Cabal: the Skinwalkers

Domain: North American Indians
Director: none
Goal: personal advantage
Occultism: sorcery

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