The world divides into the Sundered and the un-Sundered, but there are still degrees of both.

The Sundering can be compared to the surface of the sea. Overall, you are above the surface or below it, you are Wet or you are Dry, you are Sundered or you are not. But there is still some leeway: you may merely be in humid air, or dampened by the spray, or partially submerged, or have bubbles of air clinging to you under the water, but on the whole, you are In or Out, and for most cases there is no ambiguity.

Granted that you are In or Out, there remains the question of how far you are from the surface. Are you a mile up in the arid air, or skimming the waves? Are you just under the surface, or fathoms down, or at the bottom of the sea?

Degree of Sundering is a smoothly sliding scale, but to illustrate the different degrees, we will break it up into levels, with examples from popular culture: