Historical Survey of the Use of the Tetragrammaton as a Word of Power

by "Gnosticles" of the Kerdeans, 1997


There have been several efforts, through history, to use nymic magic to draw on the power of the tetragrammaton, the eunym or "true name" of the god of the Abrahamic religions, written (without vowel points) יהוה in Hebrew and translitered as YHWH. People have succeeded in drawing power from different versions of the tetragrammaton, but the levels of power drawn indicate that they have only coined a word of power.

This article records the best-attested instances of using the tetragrammaton as a source of magical power.

The First or Tabernacle Tetragrammaton

A matter of legend, the tetragrammaton spoken to Moses and used by him to work the miracles of the Exodus.

The First Temple or Solomonic Tetragrammaton

Coined in the magically intensive reign of Solomon, used by the priests of the First Temple as a prana treasury, but revoked by the time of the Babylonian Exile.

The Tetragrammaton of Shiloh

Coined by proto-Cabalists in the Exile period, assimilated to the Second Temple tetragrammaton.

The Second Temple or Nazarene Tetragrammaton

Allegedly used by proto-Cabalists of the Second Temple period, though charged unknowingly by the priests through their sacrifices. Alleged to have been learned by Jesus and used by him to power his miracles. Alleged to be still available, with its residue of prana, to any nymic mage able to discover the correct pronunciation.

The Tetragrammaton of the Dalmanutha Sanhedrin

Coined by this esoteric group, aspected for use only by members, spelled with traps and misdirections for non-members, leading to prana-drain and insanity.

The Dee Tetragrammaton

Coined by John Dee, still used by ceremonial magicians, aspected specifically for divination. The aspecting also draws users into extended dream states.

The Faust Tetragrammaton

Coined by Johan Faust, still used by ceremonial magicians, aspected specifically for the control of demons. This tetragrammaton is known to be infested by ka-fragments, minor djinn, and perhaps minor demons.

The Tetragrammaton of the Baal Shem Tov

Coined by the Baal Shem Tov ("Master of the Good Name," R. Israel ben Eliezer, 1698–1760), used to drive his own spiritual advancement. Rumored to still contain a fortune in variously aspected prana.

The Golden Dawn Tetragrammaton

Coined by the esoteric backers of the Order of the Golden Dawn, easy to guess and relatively widely disseminated, spelled to extract a moderate but steady prana drain from any user.

The Tetragrammaton and Anti-Tetragrammaton of Simon le Clerk

Coined for his private use by Fr. Simon le Clerk (1779–1945), this tetragrammaton was aspected specifically to yield prana only to le Clerk, but was used by his followers in ceremonial chants, during which they unknowingly charged it with their own prana. The "anti-tetragrammaton" was a word of power coined and aspected to destroy individual prana stores and ectoplasmic bodies.

The full text of this study will appear in Acta Kerdeana DXCIII.

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