Notable Planets

Planet:      Famous for:
Amoryn Old Terraformer ruins at Ft. Lenyan
Areo wines
Belu odd Old Settlers ("Yeti World")
Burney fractile materials
Corenna ET contact at High Corennaport
Daneva psi stronghold
Derech trade ports at Krissli and Derech Sky
Diryas engineering college at Ombere Yards
Edakoss odd Old Settlers ("Droid World")
Garadet black markets at Port Swenya and Hiljer
Garrom Old Admiralty stronghold
Gelohn shipyards at Gelohn Sky and Horter Yards
Gorlowa biotech
Hebara Old Terraformer ruins at Hyder
Ilatath patharchy mentors
Jaidas art schools at Lorhve
Jesaret odd Old Settlers ("Language World")
Juridath pirates
Kelliwik shipyards at Secombent
Launis peltry cultures, meat cultures
Meth odd Old Settlers ("Planet of the Neo-humans")
Moncair black markets at Ft. Ducail, Old Admiralty stronghold
Mossim trade ports at Ft. Issambid, High Issambid, and Arrahboth Yards
Nodon pirates
Nross Old Admiralty stronghold
Octho mercenaries
Ofarapa fractile materials
Okatum engineering college at Okatum City
Oslon trade ports at Kthinger and Oedenport
Ouler odd Old Settlers ("Dog World")
Panmell Old Terraformer ruins at Sandomi and Aishing
Pasewar psi stronghold
Pateli AI stronghold
Pocop trade ports at Pocop Yards and Tive
Riotamis clothing fashions
Sagitta ET contact at Port Flindi
Sebaset medical schools at Ft. Bencolm
Serevan science college at Velipan
Sidonath horticulture, meat cultures
Tlem psi stronghold
Uldune [from Schmidt] black market at Uldune Port, pirates