Anisel Shon

Anisel Shon is not a state, but a society held together by amalo networks centering on Sharfa. The central region of Anisel Shon was first explored by the drines—humanoid in a beaked, orange, chitinous way, DKstatus 4. The Sharfanar were the most technically advanced of the races contacted. They went on to become the first race in the region to become starfaring. When they went out into space, their amalo networks went with them, and were soon extended to other races in the area.

The networks changed when they spread to non-Sharfanar. On Sharfa, such networks might have one or more coordinators, in charge of keep track of information, sometimes advising, but not especially in charge of giving orders. In most other species, command chains grew up. Some groups went public and became standard charities or service organizations. Some came into conflict with legal structures.

Anisel Shon is composed of independent star systems and small federations.

Terrans are a minority in Anisel Shon, though widespread. They are not a majority on any planet, though they hold some cities and stations, either in majority or completely, and have a few nomad fleets.

"Knights", ghevebar, are not warriors, but EMTs/investigators/counsellors. All Sharfan knights are in amalo networks, because all Sharfanar are. By now, there are knights of all available species in Anisel Shon. "Champions," shophetar, are hypercompetent knights.

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