The Jackpot System

Tesserelios, also known as "the Jackpot system," is undoubtedly bizarre, but given half a trillion stars in the galaxy, something like it was fairly probable.

Tesserelios is a multiple star with nineteen life-bearing worlds in four star systems consisting of five stars and their planets. The components of the Tesserelios system are:

Tesserelios was settled was first settled by the Aliquine Terraformers, who enhanced some of the planets. Then came the Iahocho and the Barudani. Finally, and in smallest numbers, came the Liandan.

Recently, there was a war when the Iahochan leader tried to take over the entire Tesserelios system. In the aftermath, the political structure is:

So, in summary:


Cultures: Avrasi Iahocho Barudani Liandan
History: Avrasi Iahocho Barudani Liandan
Governments:   Avras Union Volluse Republic Barudani Commonwealth Vethas Republic
Stellography: Avras System Telat System Kamil System Vethas System
Institutes: Life Wisdom Time


Tesserelios is located west of the Corridor, north of the galactic plane, on the inner edge of the Sagittarius Arm. Though the Tesserelios system is of great academic interest and a tempting prize for colonization and terraforming, it is distant from major trade routes and other lifebearing systems. It is also often cut off by dark storms (turbulent dark matter). As a result, it is somewhat isolated from the rest of the galaxy.

Avras System

Avras is a yellow dwarf, forming a widely space binary with Telat. It has many planets in closely spaced orbits, including twelve spheres in the habitable zone – three standard earths, a pair of twin earths, two trojan earths, and five earth-like moons distributed between two warm neptunes:

 terraformed venus 

 warm oceanic  

Ennetva and Essetva
  wet and dry twins

 prime earth

 moon of Agen

 moon of Agen 

 moon of Agen

 leading trojan of Agen

 moon of Torril
 moon of Torril 
 trailing trojan of Torril

Telat System

Telat is a red dwarf, forming a widely space binary with Avras. It has a single one-face world, Volluse.

Vethas System

Vethas is an orange dwarf, forming a widely spaced binary with Kamil. It has two live moons, Imnas and Eshas, orbiting a warm jupiter.

Kamil System

Kamil consists of closely spaced twin red dwarves, East and West Kamil, and forms a widely space binary with Vethas. It has four live moons orbiting a warm superjovian: Bavil, Morve, Renno, and Karro.

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