Celestial Geography

Here is a non-canon idea to give plenty of local color to the Planes in IN: Suppose that they are all, in varying degrees, parallel worlds. That is, Heaven, Hell, and the Ethereal all have essentially the same geography and astronomy as Corporeal Earth, though suitably modified.

The Catherdrals or Principalities of Superiors and other major power centers thus correspond to places on the Earth we know, with analogous surroundings. Tethers connect equivalent points on parallel globes.

Here are suggested geographies. Alternatives and elaborations are encouraged.

Celestial Earth

This is the original Earth, the archetypal Earth of which our Corporeal Earth is but a copy. It is, of course, paradisal, bursting with life, including all the forms extinct on our Earth and the forms yet to appear. The Archangel's Cathedrals are scattered all over this globe, usually on top of a favorite Tether (which is not the same as the Tether that is most powerful just now).

Infernal Earth

This is a lifeless desert travesty of Celestial Earth, its sky lit by a red-giant sun, its ground eroded and plantless, its seas sterile and empty.

Ethereal Earth

Rainbows, sundogs, and rings around the moon deck the clear skies of Ethereal Earth, and the clouds are full of color and lightning. All sunsets and sunrises are gaudy. The forests, deserts, seas, and plains are as stable as old memories, but the towns and cities move and re-model with unCorporeal ease.

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