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In Nomine is a role-playing game published by Steve Jackson Games, based on a pair of French role-playing games In Nomine Satanis and Magna Veritas. The standard player character in this game is an angel or demon, serving an Archangel or Demon Prince in the War between good and evil here on contemporary Earth. (Most people, I have heard, prefer to play angels.) In Nomine is responsible, indirectly, for the existence of the Megiverse and the Inkliverse since I got in touch with Meg Yang Huoyang, lead author of the Megiverse, via the game's mailing list.

This section of the web site contains several items I have posted to that mailing list, over the years.

Here is a Wikipedia description of the game, and here is the game's official web site.

Capsule Summary of the Game

Player characters are "celestial," angels (or demons). The main defining features of your character are the choir (or band) you belong to – your celestial race – and the Archangel (or Demon Prince) you work for.

All spirits – angels, demons, mortal souls, ethereals – consist of Forces, which come in three flavors and govern character stats: Corporeal (strength and agility), Ethereal (intelligence and memory), and Celestial (will and perception).

The universe consists of three planes:

A musical theme pervades the game. The universe is "the Symphony." Angels and demons come in "choirs" and "bands." Each choir or band has a "resonnance," a special supernatural ability. Each spirit gets an "attunement" from the Superior (Archangel or Demon Prince) it works for, the attunement depending on the character's choir or band. Spirits can take supernatural damage by doing things that violate their resonnance or attunement, and this is called "dissonance." Too much dissonance causes "Discord," and too much Discord causes angels to fall and demons to go Renegade (which can lead to redemption). Special effects other than resonnances and attunements are done by "Song" (spells, really) that run on "Essence" (mana, spell-points).

The major choirs are:

There are also "relievers," immature angels that haven't "fledged" yet.

The major bands are:

There are also "imps," immature demons.

Each Superior has a "Word" – a concept that they are patrons of. Wordbound spirits below the level of Superiors form a kind of middle gentry in Heaven and Hell. All Wordbound see the world through the lens of their Words. "Word Forces" are sometimes mentioned as a fourth kind of Force included in Wordbound celestials. The only human alleged to have a Word is Lilith.

Only God or all the Archangels acting jointly can bestow heavenly Words or elevate angels to Archangels. Only Lucifer can bestow infernal Words or elevate demons to Princes.

Superiors have stated limits but are too mighty to have game stats. Among the things they can do is create new angels or demons, either fully fledged or as relievers or imps, to mature later.

The major Archangels are:

Canonical minor Archangels include:

The major Demon Princes are:

Canonical minor Demon Princes include:

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