Domini Canes
The Lord's Dogs

The Domini Canes are Dominic's attempt to combine the powers of the Malakim and the Cherubim. Like Malakim, they cannot fall. Like Cherubim, they have an attuned. In fact, each Dog is made for, and permanently attuned to, exactly one other celestial. Domini Canes are an additional safeguard against Falling, for those cases where Dominic deems a Fall would be more than usually disasterous and that a Dog would be a good way to help prevent it.

Dominic offers to create a Dog for angels as a high mark of favor. He has never inflicted an unwanted Dog on anyone. That would be unjust to the Dog, if no one else, and would be generally bad politics and strategy. Most of the angels who get Dogs are his own, but he has created some for angels of other Archangels, and some Dog-owners have transferred from Dominic's service to that of other Archangels. The Dog invariably attunes to the same Word as its master.

Dominic creates a Dog by taking an Ethereal Force from the master-to-be (immediately replacing it) and using it as the nucleus for the new celestial. Dogs never fledge from relievers. In celestial form, it looks like a wolf or wolf-like dog, with white, silver, or golden fur, and the black wings and aura of a Malakite.

The Dog is always aware of the quickest route to its master, and of the master's state of well-being – body, mind, and soul hits, essence level, and notes of discord or dissonance. The Dog's natural drive is to preserve the master's well-being, and especially to keep the master free of dissonance and discord.

It is dissonant for a Dog to let a day pass without doing something to remove any dissonance or discord of its master – even if it's just to nag or beg the master.

In a healthy relationship, the Dog is usually willing enough to run errands for its master, but it is under no special force or obligation to do so, just because they are Dog and master.

Usually, of course, the master is the dominant partner, and the Dog has a role like unto bodyguard, valet, or some other form of assistant. But the Dog is just as capable of development as any other angel, and if the master doesn't grow as fast, or gets badly damaged in the course of events, the Dog may become more like a nanny, nurse, therapist, or mentor to the reduced master.

If, despite all the Dog could do, the master Falls, the Dog will follow them to Hell – and there all its devotion turns to fury and it will do its best to soul-kill the master.

If the master (fallen or not) is soul-killed, the Dog goes into Trauma by way of a great wave of agony and grief. Several years later, it emerges as an eight-force Reliever. Most such usually re-fledge as Malakim or Cherubim of Judgement.

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