Jophiel, Archangel of Temperance

"The world exists by virtue of equilibrium."

You're expecting a celestial party-pooper, right? No. More fundamentally, Jophiel is the Archangel of Harmony and the Golden Mean, equally opposed to asceticism and debauchery. In manner, bubbly and even seemingly airheaded, but with much practical wisdom.

Jophiel is a cherub. Her name means "Beauty of God." She was created by Eli early in cosmic history, but became a servitor of Dominic as the hierarchy shaped up. She was one of the cherubs at the gate of Eden after Adam's Fall, while in his service. She became enamored of moderation during the excesses of the Grigori, but also began to lose respect for Dominic. Shortly after the Flood, she transferred to the service of Novalis, and soon thereafter was granted Word of Temperance. By the time they wrote "Nothing too much" on the stones at Delphi, she was an Archangel.

At her hearings before the Seraphim Council for her Word, some asked if an Elohite wouldn't be more suitable to the Word of Temperance. She answered that every Elohite represents Temperance in some way or other; the Word doesn't need more representation; it needs someone to defend it.

Champions of her Word on Earth have included the philosopher Epicurus; the essayist Joseph Addison, who did much to introduce modesty as an ingredient of good manners; Pres. James Madison, who designed the balance of powers in the U.S. consitution; Jane Austen, in whose novels kindness and good sense are the conquering virtues; Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous; and columnists Abigail van Buren ("Dear Abby") and Judith Martin ("Miss Manners").

Carry Nation was not Jophiel's. Prohibition wasn't Jophiel's either, as she is still explaining to people.

A good fictional portrait of a Soldier of Temperance would be Flora Post, the heroine of Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons. Jophiel has even gone so far as to create an Ethereal version of Flora, equipped her with the Higher Common Sense Attunement, and set her to work in the Marches.

Dissonance Conditions

It is dissonant for angels of Temperance to behave in addictive, obsessive, compulsive, or fanatical ways.

Choir Attunements

Seraphim can use sarcasm, irony, metaphor, and fiction as long as they are confident they will not be misunderstood.

Cherubim do not take dissonance from injury to their attuned, so long as they made a genuine effort to prevent the injury.

Ophanim don't have to rush all the time; they just have to try to be punctual and can't dawdle.

Elohim & Malakim can perceive a person's most unbalanced, addictive, or compulsive behaviors, the number of behaviors being equal to the Check Digit on their Perception roll.

Kyriotates do not take dissonance from injury to their hosts, so long as they made genuine efforts to prevent it.

Mercurians can do things like "injure" a human to perform surgery or knock a human out in order to save them from drowning or a burning building.

Servitor Attunements

The Higher Common Sense: Roll against your Will. Similar to the Divine Logic attunement used by servitors of Destiny, it lets the servitor talk someone out of an intemperate course of action; they will remain convinced for a number of hours equal to the Check Digit, after which free will kicks back in, but one can hope they decide to stay convinced.

Rehab: Roll against your Will and touch a willing subject. Relieves the subject of their most pressing addictive, compulsive, or obsessive behavior for a number of days equal to the Check Digit.

Enough Is as Good as a Feast: Works the same as Rehab, but you prepare some consumable item. You do not need to touch the subject, or even pick out who the subject is. The item cannot be a sample to which the subject is addicted, e.g. a martini won't relieve an alcoholic of his thirst.


Vassal of Temperance: Look at a person and know what substance additions they have.

Friend of the Temperate: Look at a person and know if they are a fanatic, obsessive, or a geas victim, and what the subject of the fixation is.

Master of Moderation: Touching the subject and spending two Essence a day, for fourteen consecutive days, cure an addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or bipolar disorder in a willing subject.


Though a minor Archangel, she's very vocal at the Seraphim Council, since moderation is hard to find there. Jophiel has critical words to say about every other Archangel, since the mere fact of being Word-bound tends to impair one's temperance, unless Temperance is one's Word. But that same Word makes her balanced and fair in her criticism, which makes it better. Besides, even Archangels like to hear telling and justified critiques of other Archangels. So she is, on the whole, moderately popular with the less fanatical Archangels. The more fanatcial ones grumble about sloth and lukewarmness.

Allied: Novalis, Zadkiel, Marc
Associated: Yves, Eli
Hostile: Uriel (formerly), Dominic, David, Laurence

In Hell, she is particularly opposed to Haagenti, Andrealphus, and Malthus.


Chance to Summon: 4

Summoning Modifiers

+1: A copy of the "Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonmyous
+1: A book by Jane Austen
+1: A faux-alcoholic beverage, like near-beer or a Bloodless Mary
+1: A bottle of Prozac or similar product
+2: A recovering addict clean for at least a year

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