And I Feel Fine: Introduction

"It's the end of the world as we know it,
 And I feel fine."

We have ended the world in many various ways, on this list. But we haven't used the most famous model, the book of Revelation. I will be posting a campaign outline based on Revelation, heavily InNominated. It is a Bright, High-Contrast campaign, intended to be canon-compatible, though I take the opportunity to resolve many areas of Canon Doubt and Uncertainty.

Revelation has many interpretations. One of the most famous is the one that underlies Hal Lindsey's Late, Great Planet Earth and, more recently, the Left Behind novels and movie. This school of interpretation is called "dispensationalism." Dispensational theologians are famous for interesting, sometimes exotic, occasionally nutty, interpretations of the book of Revelation. Almost anything the media circulates in the way of gaudy Christian apocalyptic comes from dispensationalists.

Dispensationalists usually predict that Armageddon will be preceded by a seven-year period called "the Tribulation," divided into two parts of 3.5 years each. In the first part, the Antichrist rises to power. In the second, he rules, then catastrophically falls. My campaign follows that timetable.

The general form of this campaign is an InNominated description of the Tribulation interspersed with roleplaying seeds based on the current events. Some are for demons, some are usable by any celestial, but most are for angels.

Part 1: Beginnings of Distress
Part 2: High Heaven
Part 3: The First Horseman
Part 4: The Second and Third Horsemen
Part 5: The Fourth Horseman
Part 6: The 144,000
Part 7: The Locusts
Part 8: The Keys to the Abyss
Part 9: The Rapture
Part 10: Open War
Part 11: The Mark of the Beast
Part 12: The Two Witnesses
Part 13: The Chimera Riders
Part 14: Plagues, Frogs, and Videotape
Part 15: Armageddon
Part 16: Millennium
Closing Remarks

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