Serving Hell

Neel Krishnaswami wrote:

I was trying to come up with an organization of out and out demon worshippers for my campaign, and was having trouble trying to figure out why a person would willingly serve the powers of Hell.

"I'm clearly not going to get into Heaven, so I might as well make the best of Hell."

"Heaven won't protect me from Hell, but maybe if I serve the Hell, it won't destroy me. For a while."

"Hell offers better short-term benefits than Heaven. I'll side with Hell now and repent later."

"I want to be on the winning side, and it's obvious which one that is."

"The Light and the Dark are really the same thing from a sufficiently mystical point of view, and the Dark is more fun."

"Heaven is slavery. Hell is freedom. Freedom no matter what!" (A line of argument familiar to Lilith.)

"I want X more than ANYTHING! More than Heaven! More than I want to escape the pains of Hell!" Popular values for X include:
- a great treasure
- great wealth in general
- a particular person as lover
- great beauty and/or sex appeal
- sorcerous power
- great physical/martial power
- the success of a favored cause

"How dare you call the Great and Worshipable Thingie infernal!"

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