Reverb is a celestial ... condition in which objects and events related to one's Word show up with unusual frequency. One would be tempted to call it a minor Discord, but this would be socially inept (or dangerous), since all Superiors exhibit the condition, it is common in Wordbound, and is commoner in unWorded servitors the more highly distincted they are.

Some examples:

If you associate, knowingly or not, with an angel of Flowers, you'll notice things like lots of weeds growing through the cracks in nearby pavement, lots of people at the office getting bouquets delivered, lots of ads for florists, lots of people wearing floral prints and perfume, and so forth.

If you're around an angel of Trade or a demon of Mammon, you'll be surprised at the number of pyramid schemes showing up in your e-mail, ads for sales and financial services will leap to your eye from every quarter, and speaking of quarter, you'll tend to find coins on the sidewalk (if the demon of Mammon doesn't find them first).

Fast-food joints and ads for them, smells of cooking, people talking about the difficulties of dieting, and random plates of cookies and brownies flourish in the environment when demons of Gluttony are around.

If you're around Angels of Lightning, tech-talk and advances in science will show up in media and conversations around you, and people will be fiddling with the latest whizzy gadgets, which work effortlessly.

But if there are Demons of Technology around, your computers will fill with spam and viruses without the demons raising a talon, and you will hear people talking about conspiracy theories of suppressed inventions, or about each other as if they were malfunctioning machines or medical cases that needed repair or treatment.

If Angels of the Sword are active about, you will notice pictures of knights and cavaliers and musketeers cropping up, and media and conversations will bring up the subjects of honor and courage repeatedly.

Reverb symptoms for other Words are left as an exercise to the reader.

Reverb is most obvious on the Ethereal Plane, where self-image is arbitrary. It can be controlled with minor (no roll) acts of volition, but keeps creeping back unless attended to.

On the other Planes, Reverb can be suppressed for Celestial Forces hours by a successful Will roll, which can be re-tried once a minute. Or, for Wordbound, the effect can be enhanced for the same amount of time. Many Wordbound revel in it, as Superiors sometimes do, though both find it wise to tidy up afterwards (or tell an underling to do so).

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