No really, Limbo can be a very handy hiding place. And it doesn't have to be a big deal. After all, you only need a cheap vessel to start with. It really isn't all that hard to get out.

I understand why you look puzzled. Let me explain. To jump into Limbo, you need to deliberately destroy a vessel, right? And to jump out again, you need to build up enough Essence to create a new vessel. Both of those become much easier with really cheap vessels.

How cheap? Very. Everyone knows it doesn't take long to get out of Limbo if you're willing to reappear as a lame rat, right? It takes even less time if you're willing to reappear as a microbe. Myself, I favor tardigrades – "water-bears," microscopists call them. They look sort of like eight-legged gummy-bears. They're about as humanoid as microbes get. Of course, that may not be important to you. I've got a Wheel friend who likes doing volvox. I know of a kyrio of Stone who comes back as a sand grain. Dust mites are good; they don't need a water environment.

Just ask your Archangel for a starter. They're very cheap, so it won't cost your boss much time or energy. Or try Novalis or Jordi, or Eli if you can catch him. It will only take you a few minutes in Limbo to build up the Essence for one of these. In fact, you'll usually want to wait longer than that, just to let the danger pass. Of course, it's hard keeping track of time in Limbo.

You can also use them for spying, a bit. Forget vision. As a water-bear, I can tell the light level and, very roughly, which way is brightest. And water-bears have good vision for microscopic animals.

But you can hear, and there's something to be said for full-body taste and smell. And of course it's a great way to smuggle yourself into places.

In game mechanics, vessicles are zero-level vessels

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