Layliel, Archangel of Darkness

"Take back the night."

"I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the LORD, do all these things."
– Isaiah 45:6-8

Layliel is an ancient Elohite, created long before the Fall, by Lucifer. It rebelled against the Rebel and was left an orphan by the Fall. It soon found a new master in Yves. The Word of Destiny has under it many lesser Words related to time and time-keeping; under Yves, Layliel became the Angel of Night. After millenia of service to Destiny, though, it left to take service with the mysterious Archangel of Death.

After more millenia of being apparently absent from Heavenly society, Layliel suddenly showed up one day in the chambers of the Seraphim Council. It announced that it was now, by the grace of God, Archangel of Darkness. It seems to be a member of the war faction, but its policies are rather complicated and it also desires to promote general cooperation on the Council. What complicates is relations even more are that so many angels find its Word so unheavenly and its basic strategy alarming – it uses Hell's own methods.

Layliel's cathedral is right next to the abandonned catherdral of Light. It is a wooded mountain thick with nocturnal life and night-blooming flowers, perpetually under a sky full of brilliant stars. Layliel itself appears as a tall, slender silhouette full of stars.

Its appearance is widely believed, in both Heaven and Hell, to be a sign that the End may be Near. Why else would God point a militant archangel pointed so directly at Lucifer?


It is dissonant for an angel of Darkness to encounter evil using darkness to frighten or attack and not take steps against it.

Choir Attunements

All angels of Darkness can see in total darkness as if on an overcast day. Angels of Darkness can use the resonance of the corresponding demonic band:

Seraphim of Darkness not only speak the truth, they can make you KNOW it's the truth.

Cherubim of Darkness can either attune to you in the normal cherubic manner or attune to you in the Djinnish manner, so as not to take dissonance if you get hurt by something else; the choice is made by the Cherub when it attunes.

Ofanim of Darkness can use the Calabite resonance for destruction.

Elohim of Darkness can induce emotions as well as read them.

Malakim of Darkness can read Needs and lay geases like Lilim.

(Bright Lilim of Darkness, and there are rather a lot of them, considering, can read good and bad deeds, like a Malakite.)

Kyriotates of Darkness can possess like Shedim, with access to the thoughts and memories of the host, only, if they do it that way, they can only do one host and must leave it a little BETTER than when they found it.

Mercurians of Darkness can charm and suck Essence, just like Impudites.

Saints of Darkness can recognize Undead by touching them.

Servitor Attunements

Humanity: This works just like the Infernal Humanity attunement, letting you pass for human to any inspection by resonnance.

Nothing but Shadows: Lets you become invisible by hiding in shadow. We can then quibble about how dark is "shadow."

Nightvision: Lets you roll twice on Perception and use the better roll, but only works at night or in night-like darkness.

Veil of Darkness: Counters all Perception rolls by other characters within Ethereal Forces yards, for Ethereal Forces minutes, if the roll is equal to or higher than the others' perception rolls.

Kinstrife: Get two rolls and use the best one to resist your opposite Band's resonance.

Blinding: Blinds another character for Ethereal Forces minutes, when the user makes flesh-to-flesh contact (or celestial or ethereal equivalent).

Silent Night: Cancels any disturbance created by the user in the next Celestial Forces seconds.


Vassal of Shadow: Gains a point of Essence at dusk, just like a demon.

Friend of the Night: Can become intangible when in night-like levels of darkness.

Master of Darkness: Can recognize Undead on sight and, on killing them, disentangle their souls from their bodies and send them to their reward (usually but not always Hell).


Allied: Janus, Michael, Eli
Associated: Laurence, David, Jean
Hostile: Novalis, Dominic

Janus likes the way Layliel "stole" the infernal band attunements. Michael and Laurence like having those attunements available to Heaven, though Laurence feels a tad queasy about it. Eli and Jean admire Layliel's inventiveness. Novalis and Dominic both feel angels of Darkness are dangerously similar to demons, though "hostile" really overstates their feelings.


Chance of Invocation: 4

Invocation Modifiers

+1: Be in celestial form at local dusk.
+1: Be in a pitch-dark place.
+2: Be in celestial form at local midnight.
+2: Be in a planetarium showing the night sky.

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