Outer Russia
An Example Cryptic Nation

Outer Russia is a Cryptic Nation preserving Czarist Russia. It is headed by a Czar and Czarina, descended from distant exiled relations of Czar Nicholas. They are served (and Sundered) by Orthodox priest-mages, oath-bound to the Crown.

Most of the "nation" is confined to a big manor house in the forest, three time-zones east of Moscow, plus a few safe-houses in Moscow, Kiev, and St. Petersberg.

The manor includes a small cathedral for the bishop and a generous monastery, all the monks of which are mages. The monastery is the main production center, especially of luck, generated by austerities.

Transportation is a big issue for Outer Russia, addressed by a stable of black elf-bred horses that do fay-flitting. These were originally obtained for them by Grand Normandy and, when additions are needed, Grand Normandy usually supplies these too. (It is difficult for Outer Russia to get replacements themselves, since the parts of Faerie neighboring Russia are largely hostile and dominated by Unseelie.)

Grand Normandy also supplied the magical Bentleys, kept in Moscow, Kiev and St. Petersberg, and the "Magic Rus Bus" (Grand Norman nickname), an enchanted military transport with a five-gremlin crew and flit capability.

Outer Russia initially sustained itself largely by ripping off the Commies and is not above theft now, but also sells luck (good and bad), and fine and enchanted jewelry, and does search and transport services across inland Asia.

Their numbers are dwindling, both through lack of replacement and through loss to Faerie and Dream.

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