Grand Normandy
An Example Cryptic Nation

Grand Normandy is a Cryptic superpower — old, populous, widespread, wealthy, and influential. (Still smaller than Monaco and, of course, obscure by mundane standards.)

It was founded at the end of the Hundred Years' War, when England lost its French holdings, by Norman mages determined to keep a secret hold in France. It went on to recruit Normans in Sicily, Russia, Ireland, and Wales, then to establish outposts in the Canadian Maritimes, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Indochina, and northern Africa.

Grand Normandy competes (surprise) with the Sunset Empire, which it repeatedly tries to acquire. Religious differences add to the friction, since Grand Normandy is Catholic and the Sunset Empire is Anglican.

Grand Normandy made and makes its fortune by ancestral "viking" methods, as traders, raiders, and mercenaries, but also by the manufacture of high-quality and sometimes high-power enchanted articles.

Examples of Grand Norman wares:

Reconditioned Bentleys featuring:

Guns featuring enchantment for not jamming, not corroding, staying clean, and aiming true.

Very good wines, pre-enchanted for loading further enchantments. Also wine-based potions: elixirs and potions for healing, strength, endurance, waking, sleeping, etc.

Grand Normandy is friendly with:

Grand Normandy is at odds with:

Like most Cryptic Nations, Grand Normandy tends to be all aristocracy, no proletariat, at least in form. (Being tiny and hidden reduces the grandeur factor, forcing more equality.)

Grand Normandy is ruled by a Plantagenet monarchy with seats in southern England and Normandy. The ideal monarch is a warrior, trader, and mage, but real ones are good at one or two of these at most, so the cabinet features a marshal, a chamberlain, and a court wizard, to supply any royal deficiencies.

Currently, Grand Normandy is ruled by King Stephen IV and his consort, Queen Alice. Stephen is a warrior-mage, talented in martial arts, enhanced with patharchy and magic, making him something of a royal superhero. Alice excels in scrying and political analysis. The chief members of their cabinet are:

These cabinet members and the royal couple are all expert Hedge Wizards, so they are very hard to deceive. Grand Normandy is thus ruled by a group of people who are not only hard to lie to but routinely very honest with each other and, by necessity, themselves. This situation has obtained for several generations now, and this solid virtue is the cornerstone of Grand Normandy's stability and power.

Other important members of the court and royal household include:

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