The Cavalry Cycle

These are vignettes more than stories, fictional thought experiments. They don't particularly tell how characters cope with problems, but simply examine the Dedicated Cavalry of Grand Normandy (motto: "Potentia pro servientes") from different angles, answering various questions about it.

The Class of '17

Meditation in a Stable

It starts with a decision.

First Night in Barracks

In this setting, centaurs are made from normal men. What's that like for the men?

Horsecare Class

How do centaurs feel about horses?

Captain Fletcher Gives the Talk

In Grand Normandy, centaurs are made from men who volunteer to be transformed. Why would they do that?

Dialogue: Agility Class

A centaur is as strong as a horse and as agile as a man—given proper training.

Dialogue: Our Little Lacey

Our lads are complete stallions below the waist. And it all has to get wired to the brain somehow.

Dialogue: At the Mirror

Know thyself. All over again. And know the other guys, too.


When is the transformation finished?

Brief Dialogues:

Beer for My Horses

Centaurs and wine don't mix well. Cf. the Lapiths and Pholos.

Lecture Hall and Pub

How did Grand Normandy come to have the Dedicated Cavalry?

Dialogue: Night Archery

Strong as a horse, agile as a man, tough as both together. Magical, too? Cool!

Dialogue: Chevalin

They're all horsey, now. But some are horsier.

Dialogue: What's Owed

Carlin lies. He lies nobly, but he lies.


What happens when the lads go home to the people who knew them before their transformations?

If Wishes Were Horses

The transformation spell comes from where, exactly?

Frank Discussion

They can't get married. What can they do instead?

Former Pupil

How much can you change and still have people recognize you as the same person?

Last Day of Class

Over the hills and far away.

Thirty Toes Short

What will you gamble for a shape?

  New in Town
  Harry Morley
  La Fôret
  End Game

Tamer of Horses

Danny's first expedition and it has to start like this.

The Lion Host

They're not orcs.

Booster Shot

Not all the adults are grown up.


Aunt Bett left behind some very odd stuff.

The Class of '16

The six recruits followed above are only that year's class. Last year, there were different recruits.

William Corliss

Sometimes, volunteering is the best bargain you can strike.

Roland Vimont

"What are the odds he knows the word 'cupidinous'?"

Families and Time

Transformation and a new career. A time for ... looking forward.

'Tis My Delight

...on a shining night when Fletcher's not about.

Bennet Darcy and William Donovan


The Littlejohns

Truth will out.


They may not be human anymore, but they're still gentlemen.

Bonfire Night

When debts come due, how much is it possible to lose?


Brief Dialogues:

The Monster at Night

Not all the transformations have gone well.

The Future

Looking Forward

The history lecture in "Lecture Hall and Pub" mentions that Prince Hugh, the founder of the Dedicated Cavalry, is still alive but in his nineties, as of 2017. So look a few years forward.


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