The Sunset Empire
An Example Cryptic Nation

Created in 1946, in response to Indian independence, by breakaway members of Greenwood , the Sunset Empire is a remnant of the Raj. It has its main bases in London and Shimla, with additional bases scattered through England and India, in Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, and Malaysia. Its London holdings include passages to the "Cryystal Palace," off plane.

Initially dominated by British whites, it had a later influx from other races, of the nostalgic and disillusioned. It is still dominated by racial/cultural tensions, though the balance of power has shifted away from the "sahibs."

It is highly variegated, like the old British Empire, trading and producing a wide variety of magical and magically obtained goods and services. It is bigger than Grand Normandy but not clearly more powerful, and almost certainly less cohesive.

It is ruled by a Viceroy elected by a Parliament and is, in theory, reigned over by the spirit of Prince Albert. Almost the entire human population is in the Parliament. There is also a non-human population of jinn and fays, and an even larger "population" of ka'u and other phantoms.

The default and privileged religion is Anglican-tinted version of Theosophy, but straight Anglicanism, Hinduism, Islam, and Catholicism are common, and there is a sprinkling of miscellany.

The Sunset Empire is annoyed to discover it is anticipated by Grand Normandy, in some areas, especially England itself. London is a touchy area. Grand Normandy is less geographical in perception, which increases the asymmetry between them.

Where Grand Normandy has the patronage of a group of fays, the Sunset Empire is backed by some jinn. Jinn are more powerful than fays, but these are less accessible than Grand Normandy's Channel Fays.

The Empire's enmity with Greenwood is only just starting to cool.

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