Improvised Magic

(a.k.a. Ad Hoc Magic, Ad Lib Magic, Ex Tempore Magic
Street Magic, Chaos Magick (incorrectly), Folk Magic)

"Now you must cast out the lump of salt," said the Mastermaid.
So the Prince threw it overboard, and it grew up into a mountain so high, right across the sea, that the Giant couldn't pass it...
— The Mastermaid

You can do anything with Improvised Magic, but it requires you to do something, something physical; it cannot be a purely verbal or mental matter; and the deed must be based on the principles of sympathetic magic, imitation and contagion. As a result, if you are physically restrained, your ability to do Improvised Magic is likewise restrained.

"As soon as you have got hold of the shovel, just tell me," said the Mastermaid.
"Well, I am holding it now," said the Constable.
Then the Mastermaid said, "God grant that you may hold the shovel, and the shovel you, and may you heap hot burning coals over yourself till morning breaks."
— The Mastermaid

(You can also have someone else do the physical bit for you.)

The skill of Improvised Magic lets you spot opportunities. After you make your skill roll, nothing happens until you do whatever magical deed is the trigger and pay the price in psi points (prana). The price comes from the general miracle table for Larger Than Life. To this, add 2d6.

As you see, Improvised Magic is expensive. You are not likely to be able to do it more than one to three times a day, unless:

You cannot have Improvised Magic just for the asking. It implies a very unusual backstory. We never do find out who or what that Mastermaid is...

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