Other Esoterics

There are many groups and categories of esoterics besides the existing Orders, Cabals, Pillars, and Colonnades. Some even have celestial or infernal backing.


The Aeolus Society

A group of wind-mages in Chicago. More here.

African High Executive

Founded in the early 20th century by Nigel Considine, an English adventurer in the British African colonies, it nearly dissolved when Considine was assassinated in 1933, but managed to hang on. Following Considine, they work against colonial influence in Africa and, more generally, the end of "rationalistic" civilization. They now wait for, and work toward, Considine's return.

The leaders of the Executive are all African men who have learned something of Considine's method of deriving prana from experiences of joy, love, and beauty. They are all rich and many are powerful. Each lives surrounded by beauty and loving followers, but they show little happiness in these things: what would be joy becomes power in them. Their mastery of Considine's method gives them health and extended youth, and abilities that amount to Hedge-Wizardry and Luck-Casting. Individual members also develop particular talents. Healing is a common one.

All the Executive leaders are men, because traditional African culture is very patriarchal, but each has an entourage of disciples, including women, and many have wives and daughters. Some of these women, along with male disciples, have also learned Considine's method and various forms of magic.

The Edgestow Memorial Society

(To be supplied.)


An esoteric group of Christian reconstructionists, headed by a "prophet" and a cadre of "spirit-gifted" disciples, who seek to turn the US into an Old-Testament-style theocracy. More here.

The Kerdeans

A "neutral" network of fact-gathering academic occultists. They date back millennia. They are often infiltrated by Orders and Cabals (and they know that and sometimes study it) and often infiltrate other esoteric groups, such as Orders and Cabals. They also trade in information. Kerdeans take an ancient and carefully-worded geas-oath to not attack each other while in Kerdean safe-houses and not to destroy records or property of the Kerdean community. In modern times, their research is circulated and discussed through the Acta Kerdeana, their in-house publication. Kerdean research of variable accuracy includes:

More here.

The Knights of Palmito Hill

Die-hard Confederates of the American Civil War, white supremacists aiming to use weird bio-tech to re-create a slave-based caste society. More here.

The Knights of Solomon

A cross-Order group including members of the Arcophoroi, the Order of St. Anthony, the Abdals, the Eidah Yaakov ("Congregation of James"), and the Cohenim Nistarim ("Hidden Priests").

Marie's Horses

A New-Orleans-based network of effective voodoo covens. More here

The Men of Sherwood

A former Order that has sometimes been the British Order when Logres was out of commission or fallen from grace; thus an "Order in waiting." Their leader is called "the Captain." They act as Order-like as possible without angelic backing, and have a jittery relationship with Logres, cooperative and competitive at once.

The Onion Docents

A group of museum-mages in Chicago. More here.

The Patmos Vampires

A group of seven holy (or at least benign) vampires, guarding a holy treasure on the Mediterranean isle of Patmos, where the Book of Revelation was written. More here. The individual vampires are:

The Pythagoreans

A very ancient school of numerology magic. More here.

Sunder Guards

Despite the Sundering, prosaic authorities get wind of bizarre events from time to time, from their intelligence agencies. Major governments often establish secret groups to monitor and cope with these events, border guards, as it were, along the Sundering. Examples:

More here.

The Teslaniks

A group of Mad Scientists in Boston. More here.

The Transcendentalists

A group of philosopher-mages in Boston. More here.

The Western Throne

California-based esoteric court of whoever possesses / is possessed by a minor, late-surviving ka of Dionysios. More here.


The Benandanti

A bloodline of benign Italian astral werewolves. More here and here.

The Black Numenoreans

The last family tracing themselves back to the Numenoreans who sided with Sauron, back in the Ice Age. Kept around by Hell as a breeding stock of wizards.


A group of wind-mages in Chicago. More here.

The Malandanti

Fallen Benandanti, malign Italian astral werewolves.


A group of wind-mages in Chicago. More here.

Die Traumwelteren

"The Dreamworlders," German Benandanti working for Geroldseck, the Teutonic Order.

Extinct Groups


The Jewish Order at the time of Christ. At the Sack of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., they were replaced by the Eidah Yaakov ("Congregation of James") and the Cohenim Nistarim ("Hidden Priests"), but they did not become extinct. They took the Holy Grail and went wandering. Eventually, they settled in Britain, in Carbonek, the petty-kingdom that eventually became the domain of the Fisher-King. Initially Christian missionaries, Arimathea converted the king and thus the kingdom, then generally lived out their days in the area. The Grail and the duties and title of Arimathea passed to Carbonek, which was something of a hidden utopia until the wounding of Bron, the Fisher-King, when it became a wasteland. After the Grail was achieved, Carbonek changed from wasteland to ordinary countryside and started to fade into prosaic life. The king of Carbonek was known thereafter as the Fisher-King, until one Fisher-King became the Pendragon of Logres. At that point, Carbonek was absorbed into Logres as Arimathea had been absorbed into Carbonek.


An extinct ancient Egyptian Order, devoted to Atenism, the monotheism created by Akhenaten. They continued Atenism after the founder's death, but died out during the Exodus of Israel.

The Atlantean Circle

An extinct druidical college related to Logres. It preserved Numenorean lore, including information on the Valar and the Oyeresu. Merlin belonged to it.

The Court of the Tsar-Patriarch

The extinct pre-Soviet Cabal of Russia. Its Director was, of course, the Tsar-Patriarch, always a Russian Orthodox priest or monk turned magician. The Court and the last Tsar-Patriarch were wiped out by the CPPU, the Committee for Psycho-Physical Unity, the next Russian Cabal.


An extinct ancient Irish Order.

The Remus Pack

An extinct pagan Roman werewolf group.

Roma Delenda Est

An extinct remnant of a Carthaginian Order, fallen and turned Cabal, dedicated to destroying pagan Roman.

The Scarlet Beast

An extinct pagan Roman Cabal.

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