The Core

The Core, the galactic nucleus, contains half of all the stars in the galaxy. The proportion with habitable planets is lower than in the spiral arms, due to the number of old stars with low metal content, and to the intense radiation in the Hard Skies region around Saj-A, the cluster of supermassive black holes at the center. But there are still a great number of life-bearing systems, more closely spaced than in the rest of the galaxy.

The Core contains many of the oldest life-bearing worlds in the galaxy and has hosted many hundreds of cycles of civilization. In this cycle, it was first settled by the Aliquine Terraformers, so the largest populations of the Core are Terrans (of all species), tliggoes, azwars, voms, and Ilden machines, but among so many stars a great many other species are represented, including many indigenous to the Core.

The Core is the largest political unit in the galaxy. There is unrestricted travel, trade, and extradition between members. As is usually the case in interstellar societies, individual systems largely run themselves, but affairs of the whole Core are governed by the Three Houses:

The Core's body of law is nearly fixed. The main function of this legislature is to appoint judges and sheriffs for the judicial and executive functions. Sheriffs, in turn, head the civil services.

Such a system is as subject to abuse as any other, but the Core culture avoids this, for the most part. It is generally believed this is because of the prominence of the Ilden machines (DK status 3) in the Core. In addition to their general example and good works, they have inspired a vigorous amalo network, and outside the governmental system are many orders of knighthood based on the freelance good-deed-doers of Anisel Shon (as are the sheriffs of the Core civil service).

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