Empire Reach

Empire Reach (also "the Terraform Reach") is a large volume of human-inhabited space, centered on the Empire (or, in full, the Terraform Reach Empire). It is a roleplaying setting based on The Witches of Karres by James Schmidt. It can exist either in the universe of his novels or in my universe. In either universe, it is so far from Earth in both space and time that Earth ("ancient Yarth") is only a remote memory to the inhabitants.

In Schmidt's universe, I posit, Empire Reach is far to the galactic west and outward from the Vegan Confederacy, a highly advanced interstellar government with Earth as a near neighbor. The other major human community is the Hub, in the galactic core. In Schmidt's universe, the Old Terraformers are the Old Galactics of Legacy.

In my universe, Imperial Space is far to the galactic west and outward from the Terran Reach (consisting of Terran Space, the Diaspora, and the Philippian Empire) and the Old Ecumene (containing the Terran Reach). Outward and slightly eastward of the Empire lies the Perseus Regency. Inward and eastward lies the Five Races Cluster. In my universe, the identity of Old Terraformers is left open.

I GMed an adventure set in the Empire Reach, as logged starting here, though, as often happens, the players never explored most of it. So I am posting all my material on the Empire Reach here.



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